Substance Abuse Control Specialist

MGySgt to SSgt - FMOS


Substance Abuse Control Specialists provide substance abuse education/prevention, urinalysis screening and assistance to the commander on substance abuse related matters. They also provide the Marine Corps units with basic individual Manpower PME and briefings.


  • Must have six months experience in a full-time or additional duty substance abuse prevention billet.


  • Must complete the Unit Substance Abuse Program Management Course.
  • This MOS will be assigned only as a FMOS. Authority to issue this FMOS will remain with the local command delegated to the unit level.


  • The duties and tasks will be as prescribed and designated in the current edition of NAVMC 3500.3C w/Ch1.

Related SOC Classification/SOC Code:

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers 21-1023.

Related Military Skill:

  • None