Intelligence Tactics Integrator Chief (ITI-C)

MSgt to Sgt - NMOS (0211, 0231, 0241, 0261)


The Intelligence Tactics Integrator Chief (ITI-C) is well versed in a variety of GCE intelligence-focused knowledge, skills and attitudes, including unit readiness planning, C2, long range and operational planning; attack the network; structured models, approaches and techniques (SMATs) for intelligence analysis; GCE intelligence section management; and information management. Additionally, the ITI-C is expected to focus on intelligence training management and the development of a mid to long range training plan for an intelligence section and supporting a battalion/ regimental TEEP.


  • Must possess PMOS 0211, 0231, 0241, 0261
  • Security Requirement: Must maintain SCI security clearance eligibility.


  • Must successfully complete the Intelligence and Tactics Instructor Chief Course at MCTOG.
  • MOS 0233 may be awarded to both Active and Reserve Marines as a Necessary MOS after completing the ITI-C Course requriements.
  • According to MCO 3502.7, Marine Corps Ground Combat Element Operations and Tactics Program, 0231's assigned as GCE intelligence section chiefs will be required to attend. All other MOS may attend on a space available basis and receive the 0233 MOS.


  • NMOS 0233 Intelligence Tactics Integrators will be assigned to duties as intelligence chiefs within the CGE to include Infanctry Battalions, Recon Battalions, Light Armored Recon Battalions, Infantry Regiments and Artillery Regiments.
  • NMOS 0233's will serve as the unit's SME for intelligence support to mission planning, operations and intelligence integration, briefing/debriefing, intelligence analysis, intelligence preparation of the battlespace, intelligence related targeting tasks, network engagement, and collection requirements management.
  • Assist the intelligence officer in building both unit and individual intelligence training plans for intelligence and non-intelligence personnel.

Related SOC Classification/SOC Code:

  • Teachers and Instructors, All Other 25-3099

Related Military Skill:

  • None