Operations and Tactics Instructor

MGySgt to GySgt - NMOS (0321, 0369, 0848, 1371, 1812, 1833)


Operations and Tactics Instructors assist with the planning and execution of the Unit Readiness Program, the conduct of operational planning and the execution of operations across the range of military operations for regimental and battalion sized units. Additionally, SNCOs with this MOS can be utilized during later tours in their career to fill Operations Chief Billets for higher level staffs, or to fill appropriate joint and service level billets requiring training, planning and operational expertise. This MOS will be assigned as a NMOS only.


  • Security Requirement- Secret level clearance.
  • Pending assignment, or already filling the billet of an Operations Chief within the GCE.


  • Completion of the Ground Operations Chief Course (GOCC).


  • See MCWP 3-11.5 Marine Infantry Battalion and MCWP 3-1 Ground Combat Operations.

Related SOC Classification/SOC Code:

  • None

Related Military Skill:

  • None