Drill Instructor

SgtMaj / MGySgt to Sgt - EMOS


Drill Instructors supervise and instruct or assist in commanding and instructing a recruit platoon. Once voided, this MOS may not be reassigned without prior approval from the CMC (MM).


  • Must meet the prerequisites prescribed in MCO P1326.6D w/ch2, Special Duty Assignment for Independent Duty.


  • At the Master Sergeant to Sergeant level, complete Drill Instructor School.


  • Instructs and assists in training basic combat tasks to recruits.
  • Trains recruits in the fundamentals of service life and the development in the recruit of discipline, physical fitness, pride, and love of the Marine Corps and country.
  • Trains recruits in close order drill.
  • Instructs in nomenclature, disassembly, assembly, and functioning of small arms and assists in marksmanship instruction.
  • Instructs in general orders for sentinels, interior guard duty, personal hygiene, first aid, military bearing and neatness, and care of clothing and equipment.
  • Lectures on Marine Corps history and tradition, customs of the service, military courtesy, and U.S. Navy Regulations.
  • Assists in conduct of parades, reviews, and bayonet drill.
  • Maintains records and prepares reports.
  • Conducts recruit training for newly enlisted personnel following the recruit training schedules and orders.

Related SOC Classification/SOC Code:

  • Teachers and Instructors, All Other 25-3099.

Related Military Skill:

  • Marksmanship Instructor, 0931.