Ammunition Technician

MGySgt to Pvt - PMOS


Ammunition Technicians work in every facet of the ammunition field, including receipt, storage, issue, and handling of ammunition and toxic chemicals.


  • Must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Must possess a GT score of 100 or higher.
  • Security requirement: Secret security clearance eligibility.
  • Must have normal color vision.
  • No convictions by court-martial, civilian courts, or nonjudicial punishment of any type involving larceny, theft, or trafficking of any controlled substances.


  • Complete the Enlisted Ammunition Specialist Course (A2123C1) Ft Lee, VA.
  • Marines who handle ammunition and explosives must meet the criteria to be qualified and certified in accordance with MCO 8023.3B.
  • Marines who are assigned MOS 2311 as their primary duties must be capable of meeting the command screening requirements in MCO 1040.31.


  • For a complete listing of duties and tasks, refer to NAVMC 3500.89A, Ammunition Technician/Officer Training and Readiness Manual.

Related SOC Classification/SOC Code:

  • Explosives Workers, Ordnance Handling Experts, and Blasters 47-5031.

Related Military Skill:

  • Aviation Ordnance Chief, 6591.