Financial Management Resource Analyst (FMRA)

MGySgt to Pvt - PMOS


Financial Management Resource Analysts perform accounting, budgeting and all other financial management relevant duties for appropriated funds supporting the operating forces and supporting establishments. Financial Management Resource Analysts duties include the maintenance, monitoring, reconciliation and preparation of official accounting records; general ledger control; related cost accounting; financial systems analysis and any oversight duties typically performed by related cost accounting organizations. Financial Management Resource Analysts also perform duties specifically pertaining to the compilation of financial data and estimates for budget formulation; analysis of variances between the budget plan and actual budget execution and any related budget analysis and oversight duties typically performed by budget organizations. Additional financial management duties may encompass a broad scope of related duties to include recording financial data to support budget execution and program analysis, preparation of financial progress reports and statistics, and any other related financial management duties supporting command internal controls and business process oversight analysis and review functions to identify instances of fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement of resources. All of the aforementioned duties require a fundamental understanding of all financial management related system interfaces and associated computer applications.


  • Must possess a GT score of 110 or higher.


  • Complete the Financial Management Resource Analyst Course given by the Financial Management School, MCB Camp Lejeune, NC.
  • Secret security clearance may be required based on billet assignment.
  • At the commander's discretion along with CMC approval, the 3451 MOS can be revoked for any guilty verdict or conviction concerning theft, larceny, fraud, waste, abuse and or misappropriation of funds.
  • Upon selection to the rank of SSgt, if not previously completed, those Marines selected will be earmarked to attend the next Advanced Resource Management Course given by the Financial Management School, MCB Camp Lejeune, NC.
  • Attendance at the annual Financial Management Resource Conference is highly recommended for GySgt to MGySgt.
  • Attendance and completion of the Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course (EDFMTC) is encouraged for GySgt to MGySgt.
  • Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) certification for GySgt to MGySgt is desirable. Certification costs are refunded by the Veterans Administration (VA). In order to receive certification cost reimbursement, active duty and reservist must be eligible for receipt of VA benefits.
  • Financial Management career enhancement training at the Marine Corps practical Comptrollership Course (MCPCC), Monterey CA is highly encouraged for MSgt to MGySgt.


  • For a complete listing of duties and tasks, refer to NAVMC 3500.69A w/ch1, Financial Management Individual Training Standards.

Related SOC Classification/SOC Code:

  • Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks 43-3031.

Related Military Skill:

  • Finance Technician, MOS 3432.
  • Supply Administration and Operations Clerk, MOS 3043.