Vehicle Recovery Operator

SSgt to Pvt - NMOS (3531, 3537)


A Vehicle Recovery Operator operates the MK36 and MKR15 Tactical Wheeled Wrecker to recover disabled and destroyed Tactical Wheeled Vehicles in support of combat and garrison operations. In addition, the Vehicle Recovery Operator performs crew/operator level maintenance and maintains all associated tools and equipment for vehicles and equipment, to rated capacity, of which licensed to operate.


  • Must hold MOS 3531 or 3537 as a primary MOS.
  • Must possess a valid Physical Examination for Motor Vehicle Operation (NAVMC 10969).


  • Complete the Vehicle Recovery Operators Course (A16CAJ1), Marine Detachment, Ft Leonard Wood, MO.


  • For a complete listing of duties and tasks, refer to NAVMC 3500.39B, Motor Transport Training and Readiness Manual.

Related SOC Classification/SOC Code:

  • Industrial Truck and Tractor Operators 53-7051.

Related Military Skill:

  • Automotive Maintenance Technician, 3521.
  • Motor Vehicle Operator, 3531.
  • Motor Transport Maintenance Chief, 3529.
  • Motor Transport Operations Chief, 3537.