College Degree-Enlisted

MGySgt to Pvt - EMOS (4421 and 5524)


Performs duties of the assigned college degree-enlisted billet. Primary billets are as Academic Chiefs at Instructional Management Schools (IMS), SNCOA, or other large formal schools: Education Chief/Testing NCOIC at USMC bases/stations, Ground Safety Specialist/Inspector, Accounting Analyst, Paralegal, or NCOIC/Counselor at Family Service Center at USMC bases/stations. This MOS will be assigned as a non-primary MOS only by CMC (MM) to enlisted Marines who have completed the prescribed course of instruction under the provision for the SNCO Degree Completion Program (SNCODCP).


  • See requirements.


  • Upon request and approval, this MOS may also be assigned as a skill designator to enlisted Marines possessing a bachelor's degree acquired prior to entry into the service or through off-duty educational efforts.


  • Depending upon what college-degree enlisted billet the Marine is assigned, duties may include:
    • Advise/Assist the Academic Officer and Director of Formal School in assigning and supervising formal school course teams, coordinate and conduct formal/informal observations of instructors, and maintain instructor training records. Must meet the criteria to be fully qualified and certified as per MCO 8023.3B, Qualification and Certification for Class V Munitions and Explosive Devices.
    • Coordinate the conduct of Course Content Review Boards (CCRB) and coordinate revision of all courseware to include master lesson files, lesson plans, and instructional methodology/materials.
    • Provide education counseling and administer test to military personnel.
    • Track mishaps, conduct facilities inspections, and ensure Federal Workplace Regulations are in compliance with OSHA Standards.
    • Provide instruction on safety and the Operational Risk Management (ORM) process.
    • Perform audits of MCCS activities and new programs to ensure efficient and effective program performance.
    • Provide military presence within the Community Support/Family Service Center.
    • Provide counseling services to Marines and their families and serve as Emergency Operations Center SNCOIC.
    • Performs legal research, drafts motions and/or legal memoranda, and conducts witness/client interviews for courts-martial.

Related SOC Classification/SOC Code:

  • Enlisted Military Training/Reporting/Special Duty Code (no related SOC) 00-0001.

Related Military Skill:

  • None