GySgt to Pvt - FMOS


Guards enforce, or supervise the enforcement of security measures and the protection of classified material and United States property and personnel.


  • See requirements.


  • Not to be assigned to personnel either as a primary or additional MOS.
  • To be used only as a billet designator in T/O's.


  • Enforces military or Department of State regulations and orders.
  • Controls entrances and access to military installations, United States diplomatic missions, or other designated establishments.
  • Verifies authenticity of passes and identification cards of military personnel, civilian employees, and visitors afoot or in motor vehicles entering or leaving installations or diplomatic missions.
  • Prevents unauthorized removal and theft of United States Government property.
  • Makes periodic checks of standing lights and locked doors and designated secure areas.
  • Receives and verifies guard property.
  • Maintains guard property accounts and guard report logbooks.
  • Prepares offense, accident, unusual incident, injury reports and correspondence pertaining to activities of a guard unit.
  • Assures that scheduled bugle calls are sounded.
  • Conduct guard mount.
  • Inspect and instruct guards and sentinels while on post.
  • Supervises or assists in the supervising of the guard of the day during emergency situations.
  • Directs traffic, escorts visitors, or vehicles delivering supplies and equipment.

Related SOC Classification/SOC Code:

  • Security Guards 33-9032.

Related Military Skill:

  • None