Barracks and Grounds Marine

GySgt to Pvt - PMOS


Barracks and Grounds Marines supervise the policing and minor maintenance of barracks and grounds; supervise or assist in the supervision of, training, routine administration, and employment of units.


  • See requirements.


  • Not to be assigned to personnel either as a primary or additional MOS.
  • To be used only as a billet designator in T/O's.


  • ´╗┐Supervises working parties in maintaining barracks, buildings, and grounds in a clean, sanitary, and orderly condition.
  • Makes periodic inspections of plumbing, electrical equipment, and other building components and arranges for required repairs.
  • Maintains a stock of tools, equipment, and housekeeping gear to supply working parties.
  • Services buildings and materials such as light bulbs and towels.
  • Services buildings and materials such as light bulbs and towels.
  • Performs preventive maintenance and makes minor repairs to tools and equipment.
  • Requisitions supplies and equipment.
  • Accompanies inspecting officer on tours of inspection and prepares reports pertaining to unsanitary or faulty conditions.
  • Assists in the supervision of a unit engaged in enforcing military regulations and guarding lives and property at a military installation.
  • Inspects and determines condition of unit weapons and equipment.
  • Initiates action to correct deficiencies.
  • Supervises preparation of unit correspondence, reports, schedules, and rosters.
  • Organizes and supervises the necessary housekeeping functions within the organization.
  • Conducts or supervises subordinates conducting training in military subjects.

Related SOC Classification/SOC Code:

  • Residential Advisors 39-9041.

Related Military Skill:

  • None