Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps

SgtMaj - PMOS


Assists the CMC as Senior Enlisted Marine in the Marine Corps. Advises the CMC in matters pertaining to enlisted personnel and assists the CMC in the performance of his duties. Performs such specific duties as member of the CMC's enlisted performance board, member of the permanent Marine Corps uniform board, and member of the CMC's party on all visits and inspection trips to Marine Corps installations when enlisted personnel are involved. When directed by the CMC, assists staff agencies in matters pertaining to enlisted Marines. Represents the CMC at the Staff Noncommissioned Officers' Symposium.


  • Possess sufficient training, schooling (formal or OJT) to act independently as principal enlisted assistant in all administrative, technical, and tactical matters in a unit.
  • Possess exemplary qualities of leadership.
  • Possess to an exemplary degree initiative, sound judgment, industry, and dignity of demeanor.


  • See prerequisites.


  • Communicates ideas effectively at all levels.
  • Possesses to the highest degree the faculty for working in harmony with officers, other noncommissioned officers, and civilians.
  • Demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of Marine Corps organizations, missions, and staff procedures.
  • Possesses a comprehensive understanding of staff procedures and inter-organization relationships including inter-service organization and relationships at the highest levels.

Related SOC Classification/SOC Code:

  • Human Resources, Training, and Labor Relations Specialists, All Other 13-1079.

Related Military Skill:

  • Administrative Specialist, 0111.