Sergeant Major-First Sergeant

SgtMaj / 1stSgt - PMOS


Assists the commander as Senior Enlisted Marine in the unit. Acts as principal enlisted assistant to the commander. Keeps apprised of all policies of the commander. Disseminates information to the unit's enlisted personnel regarding such policies. Reports to the commander on the status of matters pertaining to the efficient operation of the command. Counsel’s subordinate unit Noncommissioned Officers as required improving the general effectiveness of the command. Interviews and counsels enlisted personnel on pertinent professional and personal matters that may affect the efficiency of the command. Assists the commander in the conduct of office hours, requests mast, and meritorious mast. Participates in ceremonies, briefings, confer commander. Assists in supervision of clerical and administrative matters; training functions and the employment of the command in garrison and in the field; logistic functions such as billeting, transportation, and messing; inspections and investigations; personnel management; and daily routine. Assumes other duties designated by the commander.


  • Must have requested to be considered for 1stSgt on latest fitness report by typing an "F" in block 2.g.
  • Possess those qualities of leadership that tend to elicit from subordinates unquestioned cooperation and obedience under any circumstances or situations.
  • Possess sufficient training, schooling (formal or OJT) to act independently as principal enlisted assistant in all administrative, technical, and tactical matters in a unit.
  • Possess an exemplary degree initiative, sound judgment, industry, and dignity of demeanor.
  • Exhibit strong ability to read and interpret regulations, communicate verbally and in writing, and research all matters affecting personnel.
  • Have exhibited a consistent and exemplary standard of military appearance, physical fitness, and personal discipline.
  • PME requires completion of the career course (either residency or non-residency) and advance course (residency and non-residency), as well as, the war fighting skills program.
  • Have demonstrated ability to lead groups of Marines of at least squad size.
  • Have demonstrated ability to function in an independent environment or have successfully completed a tour in a "B" billet (e.g., DI, Recruiting, MSG).


  • See prerequisites.


  • SgtMaj and 1stSgt:
    • Communicates ideas effectively at all levels.
    • Possesses to the highest degree the faculty for working in harmony with officers, other noncommissioned officers, and civilians.
    • Possesses a comprehensive understanding of Marine Corps organization, missions, and staff procedures in units of company level.
  • SgtMaj:
    • Possesses an extensive knowledge of Marine Corps staff procedures, organizations, and missions of units higher than company level.
    • Possesses a comprehensive understanding of staff procedures and inter-organization relationships including inter-service organization and relationships at the highest levels.

Related SOC Classification/SOC Code:

  • Human Resources, Training, and Labor Relations Specialists, All Other 13-1079.

Related Military Skill:

  • None